Summer Camp Defines Us

by: Sarah and Kaitlyn

We have spent the majority of our young lives at Summer Camp. As kids, we went to camp every summer and when we “grew up” we stayed as counselors.

Summer Camp is a completely different world than regular society and it isn’t quite noticeable until returning to said society. A realization of how different camp is comes when that thought, “Oh, wait. What I’m doing right now isn’t normal, is it?” crosses the mind.

And that is what makes camp so magical; campers and counselors learn so many things that affect them the rest of their lives. So, we compiled a list of everything plcreaders might not realize he or she actually learned at summer camp.

1. Any wardrobe choice is acceptable. The more it doesn’t match, the cooler it is.
See: overalls, tutus, hot pink snap-back hats – all worn at the same time, of course.

2. Singing loudly about random animals is very therapeutic.
See: moose, sharks, burritos (those have animals in them)

3. Peeing in the woods is sometimes better than peeing in a restroom (especially port-a-potty’s).

4. The best place to gossip/tell all your secrets is around a campfire.

5. Bugs are horrifying. Scream-your-head-off kind of horrifying. Until you spend a week surrounded by them. You get over it.
See: spiders, centipedes, wasps – you don’t scare us.

6. Canoeing always looks easy…until you go out on the lake with no upper body strength and 20 mile-per-hour winds. They’re also easy to capsize.

7. Skinny-dipping is liberating. Just as long as campers aren’t around. Euphemisms can be used to talk about it, however.
See: canoeing without a paddle, camping without a tent, etc. etc.

8. Being able to make a one-match fire is also liberating.

9. Dressing up as characters from your favorite anything is highly encouraged.
See: Effie Trinket, Luna Lovegood, Superwoman – they’ve all been done.

10. You can be totally, ridiculously you and not care what anyone else thinks. Be fearless.

The Summer Camp lifestyle illuminates people into who they are. Loony, pensive, uninhibited, passionate people.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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