N’Sync is to One Direction as Spice Girls is to _____ ?

by: Sarah and Kaitlyn

Our 12-year-old selves are screaming.

Out of excitement, of course. It’s 10 years later and we’re still freaking out about songs like One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” and Big Time Rush’s “Boyfriend.”

In the past couple of years, boy bands have been on the rise. Coming from a generation that had such a variety of male musicians to drool over – we’re looking at you Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync and Hanson – being able to hear a catchy beat right before the voice of a hopefully, at least, 18-year-old guy starts singing, takes us back.

Boy bands blew up the ‘90s. Songs like “Summer Girls” by LFO and “Because of You” by 98 Degrees took over the radio. And who could forget “Mmmbop” by Hanson?

Overall, most of the songs have one of three messages:

1. You’re beautiful.
2. Let’s party.
3. I’d like to be your boyfriend. (Yes, Justin Bieber, you can be our boyfriend. Calm down.)

While the lyrics of boy band songs are not always hauntingly poignant, they still have good messages. Instead of girls listening to vulgar rappers spit lines about money and hoes, they can imagine Harry Styles, of One Direction, pushing that pesky strand of hair behind their ear and whispering, “You don’t know you’re beautiful.”

We swear we’ve never pictured that.

So, yes, boy bands are back (Alright!) But where does that leave girl bands? Is Girl Power going to make a comeback soon?

Women empowerment songs are back in favor with songs like Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” and every single one of Pink!’s songs where women get the chance to belt about being totally over their exes. This past year has also had an emergence of songs where women tell women that they’re beautiful (instead of looking towards male songwriters to tell them).  Songs like Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and Selena Gomez’ “Who Says” are sending a message to women that you are beautiful no matter what anyone else might say.

[caption id="attachment_51" align="alignright" width="300"] Who's next? (Photo courtesy of: blondeepisodes.com)[/caption]

These songs are the perfect forecast for a girl band monsoon.  With the “War on Women” rising to be a major political issue, nothing will scream louder than an army of girl bands. Where are the Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child when you need them?

We have a challenge for you future female Disney stars: band together (pun intended). We’re waiting for the sold out tours, the made-for-TV movies, excessive band retail items, shirts that say “Team ­­­(insert band name here),” and songs about just being awesome as a gender.


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Oh, hello!
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