Live-Blogging The Oscars!

Well, it's here, my friends!

It is easily the most glamorous night of the year filled with elegant (and sometimes questionable) gowns, rented jewels and long acceptance speeches.

We've watched the Oscars obsessively ever since we were little and dreamed of a life of movies. Let’s be real, who hasn't already written and practiced their own academy acceptance speech?

The Academy Awards is a a celebration of talent. Every single person there has affected art and the participation in art in its viewers all around the world. Film is a medium of art that strikes people in a way that no other does. Film tells stories. It tells stories to let us know about new things and expose us to new worlds. It tells stories that shock and amuse us. It tells stories to let us know that we’re not alone. That we’re all human, no matter how different we may be.

And that, my friends, is something to celebrate.

To celebrate tonight, we want to have a glamorous party (filled with sweatpants and wine) with you! 

We will be live-blogging the event RIGHT HERE, continually updating this post with our live thoughts and start a conversation with you all. So, keep refreshing that page, lovely readers.

7:23 Well, the Red Carpet's almost over. Here are our picks for best dressed:

Kaitlyn- Jennifer Lawrence. One of my favorite people wearing my favorite designer.   And plus, all she wants is food, so she's a girl after my own heart.

Jennifer Aniston also looked stunning in red.

Sarah- Naomi Watts, JLaw, and I also really loved Sally Field.

Daniel Day-Lewis' suit.

Haircut thoughts: Charlize's haircut is perfect and fearless.

7:30 Hello, gorgeous set!

7:35 Where's Tina and Amy?

7:39 Okay, "We Saw Your Boobs" is actually pretty catchy...and awful...but catchy.

7:43 JGL and Daniel are our new OTP.

7:47 Beauty and the Beast + Oscars=happiness

7:50 Waltz wins Best Supporting Actor 

He always gives adorable speeches. He's so humble. We just want to pinch his cheeks.

7:57 "Paperman" wins Best Animated Short Film love love love.

7:59 "Brave" wins Best Animated Film Director wears kilt. Best Dressed of the Night Award.

8:05  Where's Scarlet Johansson? (Best Avenger)

8:07 Life of Pi wins Best Cinematography.  and Miranda deserves an award for that hair. And Visual Effects

8:11 Band plays Jaws over speech. BEST.

8:17 Anna Karenina wins for Best Costume Design. Strange movie, but good costumes.

8:18 Les Miserables wins for Makeup and Hairstyling

8:33 Curfew wins for Best Short Film, and a really colorful looking film (can't spell the name) wins Best Documentary Short

8:44 Searching for Sugar Man wins Best Documentary

8:50 Jennifer Garner wins Worst Dressed.

8:50 Amour wins Foreign Language Film Second from Austria to do so.

9:04 Is this the Tony's or the Oscar's? Needless to say, we're in absolute love with this montage performance. Best part of the night so far. Best Part...Ever. Crying.

P.S. New best dressed: Eponine

9:12 Les Miserables wins for Sound Mixing and Editing goes to Zero Dark Thirty and Skyfall 

What?!?! A tie? Is that even legal??

9:18 Everyone at this show looks like Lucius Malfoy.

9:19 "They're gone!" Perfect Sound of Music reference. Well done.

9:23 Anne Hathaway Wins for Best Supporting Actress...obviously. 

WE LOVE ANNE HATHAWAY! She is so wonderful and humble and beautiful and everything.

9:30 Loving all of these college students. Great way to honor the future of film.

9:32 Argo wins Best Editing 

9:34 JLaw is presenting Adele. The two people I would most want to be besties with at this show.

9:36 Pretty sure that Adele has never sung a note off-key in her entire life.

9:48 Lincoln wins for Production Design ...and Kristen Stewart looks like she's going to kill someone or maybe she's just baked...Probably both.

9:52 Meryl Streep sighting!

10:09 Renee is also baked.

10:10 Life of Pi wins for Original Score 

10:12 Skyfall wins Best Original Song. No surprise there! However, that Scarlett Johansson song sounded gorgeous!

Adele, you're ADORABLE!

10:23 Argo wins for Best for Best Adapted Screenplay And Tarantino wins for Best Screenplay

10:43 JENNIFER LAWRENCE WINS FOR BEST ACTRESS! ...and falls. and I love her. and standing O!


10:48 Meryl is the Academy. She chose all the winners. Didn't even need to open the envelope.

10:48 Daniel Day-Lewis wins Best Actor. 

Daniel Day-Lewis as Oscar Host 2014? Totally witty.

10:51 Want nothing more than to hold Meryl's hand.


10:55 Argo wins Best Picture 

and Ben Affleck is going nuts and's a pretty good speech?

Final Thoughts:

Oh my goodness, that was a long show! This post is HUGE. So, overall it was a pretty good show. We loved everything except Seth MacFarlane. Our favorite moments were the musical montage, Jennifer Lawrence falling up the stairs, and Meryl. Always Meryl.

What did you think?! Tell us your thoughts; we'd love to hear them.

Goodnight, beautiful readers.

Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!
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